Easysnap Sustainability
As people we are constantly in contact with nature, and now also as a company.

Why paper?

We are giving to our costumers the opportunity to choose different materials from plastic to paper. Easysnap is now more than 85% made of paper!


Easysnap is Recyclable in paper. Paper is the second most common type of municipal waste following organic waste. For this reason, paper recycling is of great importance because: Every ton of paper ending up to recycling saves: 463 gallons of oil. In addition, paper recycling prevents air pollution and electricity consumption.


Cellulose is the main raw material used in the production of paper: ours comes entirely from FSC certified suppliers®. In addition, we only use Chain of Custody (COC) and Controlled Wood (CW) celluloses.


Aticelca® is the Association which brings together technicians and experts who work in the paper industry. Founded in 1967, Aticelca® has always had the goal of offering its associates technical and scientific knowledge which enables them to improve the production methods for paper and for the raw materials used in the paper industry.

FSC certificated

The certification aims at the correct forest management and traceability of derived products. The FSC logo ensures that the product has been made from raw materials from forests correctly managed according to the principles of the two main standards: forest management and chain of custody. Our suppliers guarantee us all the FSC certifications. We decide together with the customers the paper to use and the certification evaluating case-by-case, we are at your service!

Easy for people, sustainable for the planet!

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