Easysnap Co-packing Solutions are expertly designed and certified to meet the needs of the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. industries

Easysnap Technology's single-use packaging can replace conventional sachets in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries with more efficient opening mechanisms and recyclable solutions.

Easysnap Co-packing (100% owned by Easysnap Technology S.r.l.) is dedicated to the co-packing, and it is divided into two separate business units: Food co-packing division and Beauty & Pharma division. Together they have an annual capacity around 100 million of units.

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You can try Easysnap with ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, melted cheese, mustard, spirits, syrups, honey, liquid medications, baby-care products, ointments, toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid hand-sanitizer, body lotions, creams, foam bath, moisturizers, sun creams, liquid detergents, promotional dispenser, etc.

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