Do you want to test Easysnap Technology with your product?

Join us for a pilot run and test how our single-dose packaging can elevate your brand.

Innovative Design

Our patented technology allows packs to open by simply folding them in half, offering unparalleled convenience for your customers.

All Sizes Available

Available in a range of sizes starting from 1 up to 30 ml to suit your packaging needs.

Fully Customizable

High-quality 4-color printing options on both the front and back to make your packaging stand out.

Sustainable Materials

Select between plastic and paper materials to align with your sustainability goals.

Want to make your marketing team happy?

Easy, Minimal operation efforts:

How it works


Choose your size
and material

Pick the packaging size that best fits your product and select Papersnap® or Easysnap® option.


Provide your product

Supply a product quantity equal to twice the minimum required for the machine startup, based on your selected format.


Manufacturing at our facility in Italy

We'll produce between 2,000 to 5,000 Easysnap packs, tailored to your specifications, at a fixed price.


Experience the Opening

See firsthand how Easysnap enhances your product's usability and appeal. Test it with your team or selected users!

  • Up to 5.000 units

  • Print included

  • Delivery to your facility (EU only)

  • All sizes available

    Starting from


    Customize your first Easysnap Technology packaging

    Select your preferred format, size, and material to create the perfect packaging solution for your product.

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    Which packaging option do you prefer?
    Select the Easysnap Technology product you want to use for your single-dose.


    What packaging sizes are available?
    We offer all Easysnap sizes available in 40x50 mm, 40x80 mm, 55x80 mm , 60x100mm , 66x100mm , and 84x100 mm. Size is related to the volume of your single dose
    What printing options do you provide?
    We offer top and bottom printing in 4 colors.
    What materials can I choose from?
    Our single dose packs are available in both plastic (Easysnap®) and paper (Papersnap®) materials.
    How many packs can I get in a pilot run?
    You can receive between 1.000 to 5,000 Easysnap units, depending on the format and product quantity.
    What products can I package in the pilot run?
    You can package any type of liquid or creamy product across all industrial sectors, including food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and animal care.
    What is the cost of the pilot run?
    The pilot run starts from 3,500 €, which includes setup, production, and delivery ( EU only) of your customized Easysnap packs.

    Have questions or need more information?
    We're here to help you transform your packaging with Easysnap Technology.