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One hand opening single dose pack for liquid & creamy products

Easysnap single dose packaging design allows easy-to-use opening with a simple fold, ensuring seamless product dispensation for food, cosmetic and chemical applications.

A new way to open packs

How to pack your product in Easysnap®

Easysnap Technology

Install a machine in your facility

Pulsar 351 Easysnap Technology Packaging Machinery
Single dose Easysnap® is made by packaging machinery designed by Easysnap Technology.

Suitable to serve food, cosmetics, pharma, medical and chemical industries.
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Easysnap Co-packing

Rely on co-packing service

Single Dose Co-packing Service
Easysnap Co-Packing offers a comprehensive service to pack your product in Easysnap single dose, for all types of liquid products.

Simply send your product to our facilities, and we'll handle the single dose for you.
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