The future is in our hands.
Sustainability is our main goal.

Our vision

We are giving to our costumers the opportunity to have a new sustainable packaging. Easysnap is now more than 85% made of paper!

Reduced CO2 emissions and transportation cost

Easysnap packaging design allows to reduce transport costs (= less CO2 emission) thanks to its higher compactness if compared with any other packaging at the same volume conditions.

  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Optimized supply chain

Food waste reduction

Food waste is estimated between 30% -40% of the food supply. Having a predosed product is the best way to reduced waste and help the planet.

  • High product restitution means no product waste after dispensing
  • 98% of content packaged is easily dispensed

Saving energy in production process

Easysnap Technology vs Thermoforming machinery

  • 70% less footprint
  • 70% less energy consumption (12 kWh vs. 30 kWh)
  • Logistics optimization
  • Optimization of production processes

No tear-off parts

EU Plastic Strategy required mandatory tethered caps and lids for all beverage containers and bottles up to 3 liters in order to help waste collection.

  • Easysnap opens by bending it in half. This means that there are no tear-off parts
  • One pack, one waste

Easy for people, sustainable for the planet!

Pack your product with Easysnap® Technology