Packaging Applications

A new standard on the market for unit dose of liquid products

Select your business and improve your single dose packaging!
Easysnap provides a complete range of packaging applications. Easysnap can replace any conventional portion pack container, including small cups, small bottles and tubes with content from 1 to 30 ml, with many advantages in term of usability.
Easysnap can be your best solutions with ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, melted cheese, mustard, spirits, syrups, honey, liquid medications, baby-care products, ointments, toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid hand-sanitizer, body lotions, creams, bath foam, moisturizers, sun creams, liquid detergents, promotional dispenser, and many others!

Our Easysnap have no air inside and consequently with a long shelf-life, with an undoubtedly unique appeal and a versatility never seen before. It is possible to carry Easysnap sachets every day in the purse, pocket or backpack. Unless the sachet is folded over 90°, it will not open, therefore resistant to any squeezing or crushing. Moreover, Easysnap can be sold singularly or in handy and catchy pouches or packs, with single sachets stacked and ordered, exactly as in a blister pack.
The application fields are numerous!

Customize your size and design

You can achieve your personal and specific packaging for Easysnap®.
We’ll be glad to help you in your implementation.

Our certifications

Food Safety certification
  • HACCP Compliance
  • BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) 00774-B Grade A
  • IFS (International Food Standard) 00774-F Higher Level
  • BIO IT BIO ICA H 2532
  • IGP (Balsamic Vinegar of Modena)
Plant certification for medical devices
  • A1 - A2 (non sterile) • B2 • ISO 13485
Plant certification for cosmetic
  • FDA
  • GMP International Standards UNI EN ISO 22716