Worldwide Patented

Easysnap Technology has created Easysnap®, a single serve pack with a worldwide patented opening system, innovative and revolutionary. 

Features & Advantages

Easy to learn & to use

High usability standard, accesible by children, elderly and disabled person


Available in paper-based version recyclable in paper stream


High product restitution, content squeezed up to 98%


Semi-rigid bottom, umbreakble unless folder over 90°

Clean & Hygienic

No product contamination while opening and product dispensing

High Marketing Position

100% Smooth and no rippled completely printable and flat surface

Long Shelf Life

No air inside and 100% barrier properties to mantain product integrity

Easysnap Technology’s innovative single-dose packaging is designed for a broad range of applications, accommodating the food, cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Chemical

  • Food

  • Cosmetic

  • Medical

  • Pharma

    Designed for easy use on-the-go