In the world of packaging innovation, we stand out with our worldwide patented, single-dose packaging that opens effortlessly with just one hand.

Easysnap Technology S.r.l.

Packaging manufacturer machinery for Easysnap®

Easysnap Technology S.r.l. exclusively owns the Easysnap® and Papersnap® patent and focuses on research, development, and the manufacturing of automatic packaging machines for the industrial application of the single dose Easysnap®. The latest innovation in their product line is the Pulsar 351

Easysnap Co-packing S.r.l.

Co-packing Service for food, pharma and chemical application

Easysnap Co-Packing S.r.l. is a company controlled by the Easysnap Technology and offers a contract packing service for any kind of liquid product. Internally the Easysnap Co-Packing is divided into two business units: one for the food industry and the other for the cosmetics and pharma industry.

A Guala Pack Company

Starting from July 2021 Guala Pack SpA has the majority stake in Easysnap Technology.

Gualapack, a historic Italian company in the flexible packaging sector, based in Alessandria and having plants all over the world, produces packaging for food and pharmaceuticals, household products, cosmetics. Gualapack also provides complete and technologically advanced solutions known as Gualapack System. (

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