Premio Mascagni 2015 goes to… Easysnap!

Bologna, November 13, 2015 – We are happy to announce that Easysnap Technology S.r.l. has been awarded by Il Resto del Carlino and Unindustria as the winner of the “Paolo Mascagni” award, fourth edition.

The “Paolo Mascagni” award is a national event promoted by Unindustria, an important trade association of Italian companies, and Il Resto del Carlino, a daily newspaper of Emilia-Romagna region, affiliated with national magazines.

The award presents and evaluates the local business companies who are in constant growth, and despite of the crisis continue to increase in sales, reach foreign markets and invest in research & development.

“We do a very simple thing: we open unit dose products with the simple gesture of one hand.” With these words, Christian Burattini, co-founder of Easysnap with Andrea Taglini, received the award at the gala evening organized.
The Easysnap idea, with its simple gesture, has been able to capture the attention of multinational brands customers, such as Ponti, Clarins, Gojo-Purell, Barilla.

“We are a company who is surrounded by the enthusiasm of the people who are taking part in our Easysnap reality” said Christian Burattini. “It is the enthusiasm that has allowed to develop our idea of an innovative unit dose. Now the Easysnap single-serving package for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, and the machines for its manufacturing, are all over the world”.

Christian Burattini and Andrea Taglini have also underlined that the article about our company, for the “Paolo Mascagni” award contest, has been published on Il Resto del Carlino a few months, in July 2015, and, even in this short period of time, Easysnap has continued to grow in terms of recruitment, sales and R&D projects – for instance, recently the worldwide group Arcade Beauty joint Easysnap team by acquiring 30% Easysnap Technology shares.

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