Oscar de l’Emballage 2012

Easypack Solutions has been a finalist at Oscar de l’Emballage 2012 for the category Consumer – Beauty & Hygiene, for the new Easynap bi-dose system, developed in collaboration with Clarins. This year the event was held in Paris, November 19th to 25th.

The innovative bi-dose system Easysnap has a place among the finalists Oscar packaging organized by the Salon de l’Emballage 2012. The pack has been developed in collaboration with Clarins and can storage two separate ingredients that are mixed only at the opening. And naturally you can open it with only one hand! This allows long term storage in a controlled environment of each product, ensuring the performance and effectiveness of the compound at the time of the opening.

“Oscar de l’Emballage est une marque française déposée par la société GISI, organisatrice de l’évènement”