The magazine “Rassegna dell’imballaggio” has written about us on the article “Ripensare il packaging per uno scaffale qualificato – Reconsidering packaging for a stylish shelf”, describing all the “Packaging for Vending 2012” award winners, who have emerged on the competition, thanks to their products and innovations.

We are honoured to take part in this group of excellences, thanks to our EASYSNAP monodose sachet, from now on for vending machines as well. We are pleased to publish the complete article, along with a video which shows the vending machine running, with our sachets on the inside.


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First Award for Packaging for Vending

Chiccolat Sprint Rice Cocoa Drink from Riso Scotti, a cocoa drink made with rice, is the winner of the “Packaging for Vending” first edition, the competition promoted by Confida, who has awarded the winners during the conference “Packaging for Vending – How to design and create the packaging, having an in-depth knowledge of the sector”. The healthy drink from Riso Scotti has won, as a product and thanks to its prims shaped technical packaging as well, which can be easily held and sold along with a straw. Particularly for this new 200 ml brick version, studied to be sold in vending machines, the jury has chosen Chiccolat Sprint with the following reason: “For the innovative interpretation of a traditional product as a brick. The proposed packaging differs from the other bricks for its excellent machineability, thanks to the position of the straw, included in the product itself. The marketing impact of its packaging takes an important role”.

The jury has examined all the packaging proposals related to the vending sector, on the basis of parameters, such as technical requirements, logistic and management aspects and marketing value. The other awards have been assigned according to the presentation categories.

For the “prototype” category, Tritech-La Matassina has been awarded. This product has a environment-friendly packaging, created from a transparent plate made of R-Pet, which is a material obtained from the plastic bottles, utilized in the vending sector.

For the “non food” category, the award has been assigned to Easypack Solutions, which realized the monodose patented sachet EASYSNAP, for liquid or semi-dense products, squeezable and openable with one single hand.


For the “snack” category, Conserve Italia has won with Yoga Snack Fruitesse, a fruit salad, studied for vending machines, presented in a coloured tin, with a tear opening and a plastic lid which contains a spoon.

Among “drinks”, Parmalat has been awarded with Santal 200 cc – various flavours.

from “Rassegna dell’Imballaggio”, May 2012