Premio Mascagni 2015

Bologna, November 2015 – Easysnap Technology S.r.l is very pleased to announce that has been nominated at Premio Mascagni 2015, an award established by Unindustria Bologna in collaboration with Il Resto del Carlino, dedicated to the memory of the businessman Paolo Mascagni, passed away in 2011. The award intends to value and present local business companies who are in constant growth, and despite of crisis continue to increase their sales, to invest in research projetcs and to reach foreign markets.

Easysnap Technology S.r.l is the company owner of the worldwide patented Easysnap®, an innovative unit dose packaging for food, cosmetic and medical products, consisting in a single pouch that can be used with one hand only. The opening system of Easysnap is unique and revolutional: it opens and dispenses products with a single hand, avoiding efforts and stress.

Easysnap Technology was formed in 2003 and from then is expanding the Easysnap® brand in the worldwide marketplace as well as continuing to develop patented and innovative proprietary technologies. The company has its headquarters and production facility in San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy.

On July 2015 Il Resto del Carlino interviewed Andrea Taglini and Christian Burattini, co-founder of Easysnap Technology, regarding the nomination at Premio Mascagni. They tell about the beginning of their venture, the genesis of the idea Easysnap, the first difficulties, and finally the successes and satisfactions obtained. Read the article and see the video.

Winner companies of the past editions are Elettrostamperie Poppi, Faac and Reglass (ex aequo). Local companies who received a nomination for the present year are 45 in total, including Atg, Stem Sel, Injenia, Sr Mecatronic, Dpv Vacuum Technology, Stefal, Palletways Italia, Cel Components, Tonioni, Axel Technology, Emilsider Meccanica, Gecam and many more.

The awards ceremony will take place on 13th November, at the headquarter of Il Resto del Carlino, in Bologna (Italy).

For more information: see the official page Premio Mascagni 2015.