Easysnap renews the partnership with Hirokawa and strengthens its presence in the Japanese market

Modena, Italy. 07 December 2022.

Today Easysnap reported big news about his presence in the Japan market.

“We are thrilled to announce the renewal of the comprehensive and proactive partnership with Hirokawa. Easysnap is the new way to open things, therefore, to collaborate with Easysnap you need to be an innovative and dynamic company, which wants to participate in the Easysnap revolution: packaging accessible to anyone and that opens easily in every situation. Therefore we are so excited to announce the continuation of the partnership with Hirokawa.” said Andrea Taglini, CEO of Easysnap.

The Japanese company Hirokawa Co., Ltd. plans, develops, designs, and sells primary food containers manufactured at the group’s factories and paper packages manufactured at partner factories. Within the group, there is also a film factory that uses extrusion technology to recycle PET waste from food container manufacturing plants into food-grade film. Hirokawa also provides marketing and promotion services for clients to grow their product sales and brand value.

Since 2014, the company have been working with Easysnap as a co-packing partner. Based on film technologies and filling system specifically tailored made for the high quality, high precision requirements of the Japanese market, during the years Hirokawa has become the primary Easysnap co-packer in Japan.

Both companies agree to work together to expand the reach of Easysnap globally, and give more people the chance to try the one-hand opening packaging!