Best Packaging (Design) Impact • Gulfood Awards

Easysnap wins the BEST PACKAGING DESIGN IMPACT at Gulfood Trade Show  Innovation Award 2019 with the Golverdi honey by Rahmani Group.

In the picture above the Rahmani Group staff awarded during the cerimony in Dubai, with the Easysnap packaging of Golverdi honey.

We are very happy to share the news we received just a few hours ago from Dubai. The Golverdi brand by our customer Rahmani Group has has been awarded at the Gulfood Innovation Award 2019 with the Best Packaging (Design) Impact Award.

An extraordinary acknowledgement that comes from one of the most important trade fairs in the world for food packaging. A demonstration of Easysnap’s ability to innovate and be appreciated by the public and consumers for its ease of use.We are delighted that the initiative of our customers adopting Easysnap is rewarded by the market and consumers.

Take a look at the motivation for the award:

Resealable honey sachet, a clean playful alternative to sticky and messy containers.
Winner Gulfood Innovation Award 2019

A real pride for the Easysnap Technology mission and innovation!



Rahmani Group is a worldwide Company with headquarters in Italy and Turkey. Rahmani Group “brings health along with the joy of an immanent piquant taste through innovative methods and combination of fruits, nuts & herbal tea using fully natural flavors. […] Constantly screening new technologies to transform fruits, honey, herbal tea, and plants into food & beverage products. Rahmani Group are always looking for innovative, natural food & beverage ingredients. Rahmani Group products unlock new opportunities for next food and beverage innovation.”

GOLVERDI means a free gift of flower. Honey had been playing a significant role in the spiritual, social and economic life of the ancient Egyptians. Honey contains a lot of vitamins namely B6, B5, B2, B1, C, K, A, and E vitamins. Off course the amount of the vitamins depends on the type of the sap the honey bee takes from the flowers. Honey contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, phosphor and magnesium. The darker the honey is, the more minerals it contains.

Gulfood is the World’s largest annual food & beverages trade show.

Thanks to Break Design for collaboration.