3 packaging trends for 2022: sustainable, inclusive and more efficient than ever

Easy opening, hygienic and now also eco-friendly: Easysnap unit dose sachets are at the forefront of major packaging trends for the new year and beyond.

Hygienic safety, ease of use considering the widest possible range of individual needs, circularity, recyclability and a deeper environmental awareness in everything we do: all of these will be key trends for 2022 in the world of packaging.

As Covid-19, climate change, the digital transition and inclusivity have made a deep impact on global culture, packaging is now requested to change, to keep up, and possibly even to find new answers to age-old problems.

In collaboration with Gualapack, as Easysnap Technology is part of this international group, leader in the flexible packaging market, we have identified the key trends for packaging in 2022 and beyond.

1. Sustainable and recyclable packaging

As consumers become more careful and interested about every aspect of their purchases, companies are searching solutions to be more compliant with the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra. Flexible packaging, such as sachets, are usually made with multiple materials. But in 2021, Easysnap Technologies has launched a new version of its single dose sachet, Papersnap, that is 100% recyclable in the paper stream, while still offering the same ease-of-use of the “classic” Easysnap, for liquid and cream products spanning from condiments to cosmetics.

2. From ease of use to inclusivity

Ease of use and convenience have always been important features for packaging. Today, this trend is hugely enhanced by the needs of the ageing population, stronger awareness for individuals’ mobility challenges, and consumers’ demand for products that are effortless and don’t require tools or explanations. Winning packaging must be carefully designed not only to contain safely, but to be simply opened by anyone – so accessibility and inclusivity are embedded in the material as early as possible.

Easysnap, for example, was designed specifically to give everyone an intuitive and easy way to open a packet and dispense a liquid or creamy product – with just one hand.

3. Designed for maximum hygiene and minimum waste

On top of a marked increase in online shopping and capillary home deliveries, the Covid-19 pandemic has also led consumers to pay more attention to safety and hygiene.

Unit dose products can replace larger containers that need to be passed around – for example, using ketchup sachets instead of condiment bottles in restaurants.

Single dose packaging provide just the right amount of product, and this is especially important as smaller households and a more dynamic lifestyle become the norm, and “family-size” often translates into spoiled food that ends up wasted. The right sachet allows consumers to use the amount of product they need, and save the rest for later.

As global markets evolve we can only expect these trends will grow stronger. Far from being an afterthought, packaging is becoming part of the experience and decision process for people’s everyday needs and, more importantly, for long-term environmental protection. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability puts Easysnap Technology – as part of Gualapack group –  in a prime position to offer solutions that meet the emerging needs in this scenario.