Pouch packing machine: Easysnap STAR Plus

Machine groups

  • New product bucket out-feed conveyor compatible with any secondary automation (cartoning – blistering – weighing machine).
  • New open-source software compatible with ERP software (SAP, AS400, Oracle, Diapason, etc…).
  • New machine protection structure.
  • Solid innovative anti-vibration frame structure.
  • All product contact parts in stainless steel AISI 316 certified for food/cosmetic/medical device applications.
  • Modem for PLC tele-assistance.
  • Filling/Dosing unit for up to 3% accuracy.
  • Patented 6 lane variable micrometric pre-set cut group.
  • Heat transfer printing system for full size pouch print.
  • Whole machine operations driven by 7 multiple Bosch brushless motors.
  • Various change sets available for up to 30 ml fill.

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HMI Touchscreen 15″ screenshots

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