Easysnap Technology: packaging machinery

Easysnap Technology machineries are designed and certified for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. They can produce the best possible unit dose packaging that meets your needs.

Easysnap Technology S.r.l. is the worldwide exclusive dealer of the Easysnap brand, I.P. holder and packaging machines manufacturer. The design and engineering of tailor made projects  are based on the Easysnap Technology, as well as the mechanical and plastic material R&D.

The Easysnap Technology can replace the production of any conventional portion pack container, including small cups, small bottles and tubes, with content from 1 to 30 ml, with many advantages in term of flexibility and production cost for units.

Easysnap packaging machinery can be your best solutions with ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, melted cheese, mustard, spirits, syrups, honey, liquid medications, baby-care products, ointments, toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid hand-sanitizer, body lotions, creams, bath foam, moisturizers, sun creams, liquid detergents, promotional dispenser, and many others!

Easysnap allows you to conceive new ways of distribution and sale. You can explore new market segments, new marketing activities and expand the business of your products.
The latest generation of Easysnap Technology Machinery

Easysnap Star Plus

  • The ONLY one hand opening/dispensing worldwide patented pouch machine.
  • High speed performance: up to 240 sachets/min.
  • 45 min. time for a complete change set operation.
  • Machine can print full size bottom side pouch through its heat transfer printing unit.
  • Top and bottom film automatically driven towards cutting/filling/printing and towards final pouch die-cutting in only 3 meter machine footprint.
  • Any laminated film can be handled for proper product shelf-life.
  • One operator can supervise up to 2 machines.
  • Very low maintenance cost because of very few mechanical non-standard parts

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