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Easysnap Bio-based

Bio-based and compostable product

The term ‘‘bio-based product’’ means a product that is composed, in whole or in significant part, of raw material derived from renewable sources. A renewable resource is a resource which is replaced naturally and can be used again. Example: agricultural products, plants, sugar cane etc I.e: Bio-based PE polymers are actually derived from sugar cane.

Easysnap can be created with bio-laminates that refers to the following definition of bioplastics: bioplastics are bio-based, biodegradable or both. Bioplastics today relies on merely 0,02 % of the global agricultural area*.[*European bioplastic]

Easysnap Bio-based

Our range of bio-plastics derived from renewable resources. Bio-based laminates product with bio-based PE film

  • PET + ALU + bio-based PE
  • PET + bio-based PE
Bio-based raw materials derived from renewable sources up to 80 %, according to ASTM D6400 standard.
Bioplastics raw materials are based on plants rich in carbohydrate such as grains or sugar beets/cane.

The bio-based PE polymers actually used in our innovative Easysnap sachets are derived from sugar cane. Due to the structure of our unique and patented Easysnap sachet (PLA 440 micron , ALU 7 micron, PE GREEN 50 micron) the bio-based materials used are in a percentage up to 92%.

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Easysnap Biobased


of biobased content

The only bio-based pouch having 92% green technology.