Easypack Solutions S.r..l has introduced on Italian, European and world markets, a new and innovative monodose sachet from 2 to 30 ml. Learn more


Our company is focused in the manufacturing and sales of our innovative Easysnap BB/3 and Easysnap Star Vertical form filling seal single portion machines. Various speeds available. Learn more

Co-packing service

Our monodose sachets can be filled with absolutely any liquid food or cosmetic product, giving guarantee of shelf life of up to 2 years. Co-packing Food
Co-packing Cosmetic
Co-packing Medical Device

Our Clients

  • Mono Art
    Easysnap for cosmetics in high quality single-pack Cosmetics in single-pack that opens and dispenses product with only one hand and can replace any conventional three or four-side seal sachet. Shape and size can be customized No mess, no spill, hygienically […]
  • Honigmayr
    The assortment ranges from Honigmayr in the innovative 6g or 20g breakfast portions.
  • Liv Relief
    LivRelief effective medications, now available in Easysnap.


Ponti – Single portion seasoning

Ponti made a video about its line of single portion pack. Here you can check all portions pack of Ponti!

Everyday life becomes simple!

You can open your easysnap pack with one hand and the other one is free to do what you need!