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About Easysnap

After years of extensive marketing and packaging researches, Easysnap Technology has created Easysnap, a monodose sachet, with a patented opening system, unique in the world.

Up until today, we used to open a monodose sachet with two hands, however it was often not sufficient and we had to help ourselves with our own teeth! And, once opened, the sachet might have spilled its contents, in an unpredictable way, soiling our hands and clothes.

From now on, everything will change! We just have to take a monodose Easysnap with one hand and fold it with two fingers, in order to create a micro-rupture which expands progressively, according to the exercised pressure, and allows product to flow out progressively and completely.

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Easysnap for monodose packaging has introduced on world market by Easysnap Technology., located in Bologna (Italy).