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Easysnap Technology - Star Plus - The One Hand Opening Unit Dose
Easysnap Technology is focused on the manufacturing and sales of the innovative Easysnap STAR Plus. This machine is designed and certified for food, cosmetic and medical device industries. Up to 240 units dose/minute.
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Easysnap Co-packing is able to offer a complete co-packing service, for food, cosmetic, pharma and medical products. All facilities are third party audited, ensuring excellence of process and standards for your single dose units.
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A new way to open packs

Open your packs
by folding it in half

Until now we were used to open a single dose container with two hands. From now on, we just have to take an Easysnap with one hand and fold it with two fingers... While the sachet is folded, a previously mechanically made center cut (patented) tends to break open progressively, according to the exercised pressure during the fold. This allows the product to flow out in a completely controlled manner.
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